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Lost Postcards and the Power of Words: The Art of Captivating Copywriting in the Wedding Industry

I once went to visit my cousin in Chamonix, a resort town on the junction of France, Switzerland and Italy.

In the winter it’s apparently a pretty infamous ski resort. I wouldn't know because I’m a terrible skier and I live for balmy days in European countries drinking moreish wine and falling upon flea markets, or 'brocantes,' as the French call them.

There’s something truly magical about a foreign flea market. The never ending treasures masked as junk, the whispered bartering, the clink of glassware.

In this particular nostalgia haven, I found an incredibly old gentleman selling hundreds of postcards. On closer inspection, they were postcards that had been lost and found as long ago as 1850. Letters to family, letters to friends. Handwritten letters of love, loss, hope and mundaneness.

And I could not get enough.

With a little help from the vendor turned translator, I was completely immersed in the words of complete strangers.

My favourite read, ‘A tous les endroits où je n'ai pas encore été, je souhaite aller avec toi.’

To all the places I haven't been yet, I wish to go with you.


Followed by, ‘I wish I could show you all of these wonderful places, Delphine. Instead, I’ll continue to write them to you.”

Needless to say, this and about 30 other postcards are now mine and I very nearly called my daughter Delphine, but what this perfectly depicts is the power of language.

How you can metaphorically take someone somewhere with you immersing them completely in a feeling and emotion without ever actually having to meet them.

This is what powerful copy essentially is.

Connection through emotion with a sprinkling of psychology and a side of persuasion. Your potential client needs to get lost in your story just like I was in the lost postcards of strangers. (I’m a sucker for irony too).

In the world of business, especially in the wedding industry, powerful copy can work wonders.

A talented and creative copywriter possesses the art of crafting brand messaging that weaves stories, emotions, and psychology together, drawing potential clients into a captivating narrative. Just like I got lost in the tales of the lost postcards, your audience should become immersed in your brand's story.

When a wedding photographer, for instance, uses persuasive and emotive language to describe their services, they can transport couples to a world of magical moments and cherished memories.

By artfully expressing how their photography captures the essence of love and preserves it forever, they create a deep emotional connection with potential clients. This connection instils trust and confidence, making couples feel that the photographer is the perfect partner to document their special day.

Effective copy doesn't merely present facts and features; it paints a vivid picture, evoking emotions, and tapping into the desires of your audience. By crafting compelling copy, wedding industry professionals can make their brand resonate with couples on a personal level. It's like penning heartfelt letters to clients, showcasing how you will accompany them on their journey to create their dream wedding.

So, whether you're running a wedding blog, marketing a wedding planning service, or promoting your wedding venue, remember the power that words hold.

With creative and persuasive copy, you can kindle a spark in your audience's hearts, igniting their excitement and igniting the flame of trust in your brand.

Next time you sit down to create your brand's messaging, envision those beautiful postcards from a bygone era.

Let your words travel through time, bridging the gap between strangers and building connections with your audience.

Just like I carry the sentimental postcards with me, your audience will carry the memory of your compelling copy, leading them to choose your brand with a resounding "I do.'

Get in touch to discover more.

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