my story.

Hey, I’m Loren.

It may not look like it, but I'm so happy you're here. 

Like alcohol and bad decisions, words and I were made for each other. From filling diaries full of teenage angst to creating tangible stories for creative business owners just like you, I've always been a writer.

A true Capricorn, I analyse to death and overthink like it's going out of fashion. 


I'm a feeler. Less frowned upon than it sounds, I am blessed, sometimes cursed, with the kind of free-flowing empathy that means I just get people. I can easily put myself in your shoes, walk a day in your life and speak yours and your client's language.

Now, I've turned my toxic traits into super powers by writing compelling copy dripping in personality that elevates leads and multiplies sales. Put simply, I step inside your business and write copy that sounds like you talk and makes people want what you sell. 

I care about your business as much as you do. I'm not about manipulation and I don't do salesy. Gross.


Real connection, authenticity and positive brand experiences that leave a lasting impact? Yes please.


Creatives make the world a better place. You deserve words as inspiring as the cool stuff you create.  



You might not know it yet, but I have the creepy ability to sound just like you, but better. From full website copy to nailing the nightmare that is your about page, I’ll make sure your online voice is more persuasive than your best friend holding a third bottle of prosecco on a school night.


Your brand is never just the product or service you sell. People buy from people. Had a go yourself but just not feeling it? Sometimes all it takes is a few tweaks to completely transform your existing copy. Let me take your copy in both hands, roll it in glitter and bring your story to life.

why work with me.


I am committed to understanding your brand story. Your why. I want to know everything.


Like Demi and Patrick,I will sculpt that story into a piece of fine wordy art that your client will find impossible to resist. 


I have the ability to sound just like you. But better. No, really. It's creepy.


I’m equality’s biggest cheerleader and think diversity is the sh*t. If your brand is inclusive and proud, I want to work with you.