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Rebecca Anne Designs.

Full Website Copy.


Photography - Kamila Nowark

"I can't thank you enough for the copy you've created - you completely captured my brand and voice (far better than even I could!)

It's like you went into my brain and pulled out all the muddle and rearranged it into the most beautiful copy. I was amazed at how in depth your research was - it's clear you've spent a lot of time reading feature blogs written about me as well as how I convey myself on social media.

It was effortless working with you on such a fluid process. You kept to deadlines and produced exactly what I was after - exceeding my expectations in assisting me in elevating my brand. Again, I can't thank you enough!"

Veils are old news. They’re outdated, old fashioned and they symbolise a time when etiquette overruled style and brides were expected to make their way modestly down the aisle. But that’s not how it has to be.
It’s time to reclaim the veil. 
Rebecca Anne brides stride towards their happily ever after; their gorgeous faces beaming with love, excitement and confidence knowing that their look is as unique as the love story that brought them here and the one that waits for them after today. 
Your beautifully bespoke Rebecca Anne veil will add to your final look, not hide it. It will be an extension of your personality, your style and your story that elevates and celebrates you and your dress. 
The veil is no longer about modesty, disguise and old-fashioned traditions. 
Join the bridal rebellion and add the ultimate finishing touch.

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