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North Sky Yurts

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Loren was so easy to work with.She took the time to understand us, our business and our brand to create captivating copy for our home page. She even advised us on how to structure our page to help make it easier and clearer for customers. It was the refresh our home page needed but sounded like we'd written it. Would absolutely recommend working with Loren.

It's been a rollercoaster of a ride. The kind that you queue for again and again.

We started North Sky Yurts in October 2020 knowing we wanted to do something creative, spend more time outdoors and contribute to a better world. Inspired by an eye-opening trip living with a nomadic family in Mongolia, we spread our wings to fly from the corporate world. We both left our roles and leapt into entrepreneurship;  providing unique, mobile venues for a range of events.
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