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Photography - Tiptoe with Eve + Sarah Taylor Photo and Film

Loren encapsulated me & my business beyond all my visions, the way she took the brief & then worked her creative magic was incredible. My website is now engaging, articulated in a way which wants to make you read on & the design is user friendly and inclusive.
I have had comments from clients to say how much my copy resonated with them & it made them want to contact me as they felt a connection with my page. For people to comment on my website, it has obviously made a positive impact & lasting impression which I'd love to take credit for, but it is all the genius work of this awesome woman! 
My top 3 takeaways from working with Loren are:
1. Your website, guides & socials are so important so if they aren't engaging/ encapsulate your brand - You will never attract your ideal client - Book Loren
2. Loren is inclusive of her audience. Her values shine throughout your copy & this is so important when creating engaging content - Book Loren 
3. Loren adds Value - Having an expert create your content, copy & design is like having your own marketing team on board. She knows how your audience will view, engage & use your website which is so, so valuable when appealing to a wide audience & increasing your sales  -Book Loren.

Memories and romance and soul mates and pampas. These are a few of my favourite things.  

A 5ft self-confessed perfectionist who will happily adjust, tweak, and faff until the backdrop of your special day is utterly beautiful, and most importantly, bespoke to you.
But how did this job (read, obsession) begin?

When did my collection of candles and pampas become so prolific that it could dress an entire venue like a dream?
I’m glad you asked.

“I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar.”
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