Felisiti Greis

Website Copy


Photography - Cristina Ilao

I remember being on the train back from London with my son, when I received the first draft. I started reading and the next thing I know, tears had filled my eyes. My son asked why I was crying and I told him it was happy tears. I wasn’t only amazed, but I was also very grateful that Loren made the copy sound just like me. 

When I received your email for the first draft, I was a little intrigued, because we had only spoken briefly over the phone (for approximately 10 to 15mins). I wasn’t sure if that was enough time for you to know about me and my brand and to go ahead and write a copy that was true to who I am as a person/designer. 

The most impressive part, is that she went and did a thorough research on me and my brand. Loren took the time to learn more about me and my brand from my socials, website, interviews etc. She understood the brief and completely nailed every single word. I am so grateful you did!

Reading the copy didn’t sound foreign or made up. I felt like I was reading my own words. Thank you so much Loren, for being amazing at what you do. If I cried reading it, imagine how my potential clients will feel reading about the very thing that sets my soul on fire. This is what I have always wanted, for my clients to connect with my brand and understand the true value of what I offer as a couturier and I feel this copy has just done that.

If I could use one word to describe the copy Loren wrote for me, it would be AUTHENTIC.

The Felisiti Greis woman cherishes individuality and embraces quality craft(wo)manship.

Born and raised in vibrant Ghana, I was lucky enough to be totally immersed in the beauty, creativity and vibrancy of artistic expression from a young age. I learned to appreciate the beauty in everything. Art was my calling and I was determined to answer it. My career so far has been the epiphany of a ‘dream come true.’ The little girl inside, the one that would imagine and draw and sketch for hours, is so grateful I never gave up on our dream. We did it, girl! I get to completely lose myself creating elegant, timeless pieces that are as stunning as the queens that wear them.