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The Falkenburgs

Who are they? 

An editorial wedding photography studio based in the Cotswolds.

What did I do? 

I elevated their brand messaging with refreshed and refined web copy, strategic SEO and a brand new client guide. 

"For photographs that make you feel something."

Meet The Falkenburgs

Authentic, evocative and spilling with emotion - that is the promise Tom and Laura Falkenburg make to discerning couples seeking both timeless heirlooms and an exquisite wedding photography experience. The Falkenburgs, a dynamic husband and wife team, have honed their craft to perfection;  immersing themselves in the intricacies of every wedding they document.

Natural yet Refined. 

Candid Wedding Photography That Tells Your Story. 

With a keen eye for detail and a talent for storytelling, their work is a testament to their passion for capturing timeless, story-driven wedding photographs framed in editorial elegance. Masterfully balancing a fine art aesthetic with documentary-style techniques and an unobtrusive approach, the result is natural yet refined candid wedding photography that artfully narrates the genuine story of your wedding day.  



Meaningful and Editorial Wedding Photography 


The Falkenburgs

We truly love what we do. 

It's so fulfilling to understand the needs and desires of couples who appreciate the art of editorial wedding photography and film. Your happiness is our top priority, and we pour our dedication to perfection into every wedding, promising an unrivalled level of quality and service that's now the hallmark of our brand.

We know how fleeting a moment can be. As the Falkenburgs, a married duo and parents ourselves, we cherish the importance of capturing those little yet priceless moments. We understand that it's the seemingly ordinary instances that hold the most extraordinary emotions and memories. 

With our unique perspective and with an unobtrusive documentary and reportage approach, we pour our hearts into preserving those fleeting but meaningful connections, ensuring that your love story is not only told, but captured in editorial style wedding photos and celebrated for generations to come. 

For wedding photographs that make you feel something. 



Other Projects

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