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Firewood Film

Who are they? 

A husband and wife photographer and videographer duo creating forever wedding memories for alternative couples. 

What did I do? 

Developed and executed new website copy with a clear tone of voice, customer journey and strategic SEO. 

"Adventurously romantic and cinematic wedding photography and films for the wild at heart."

Hey, we’re Heidi and Robert. 

And we’re so happy you’ve found us. 

We’re adventurers at heart and hopeless romantics by choice. We love real people with real feelings and believe that being head over heels in love is the most epic feeling of all.  


Immortalising your version of love on film, in all its realness and authenticity, is just the coolest thing.It’s something we’ve been doing for each other ever since we met and we cherish every single shot. 


So, if you’re adventurers planning a celebration of love and, more importantly, planning on documenting it forever - we’d love to meet you. 



Our Style

Our style is relaxed but with an anticipation of those fleeting moments right before they happen. That’s the sweet spot.


Capturing the perfectly imperfect and breathing pure magic into every single nuance. Spilling with earthy tones and moody shadows, we make the most of the light and the moment to deliver forever photographs and film.


Our style is for those who appreciate the art of photography. For those that enjoy images with  a sense of nostalgia and a feeling that will long outlive the trends.


How We Work

We’re here for lovers turning tradition on its head and making every piece of their wedding day their own. Because there’s no one else with love like yours and your wedding day has never been done before, our approach is simple. 


From unconventional venues to incorporating your fur family onto the guest list - including all the things that make your world spin and your heart beat on your wedding day is how to make sure you nail those raw, genuine moments in your wedding gallery. 


There’s nothing conventional about love. Your personality is extraordinary, your love unparalleled. And that’s so sick.



Invest in Your Memories

There’s nothing conventional about love. Two imperfectly wondrous humans knowing that if you had the chance to go back in time and make another choice, you wouldn't. 


And that’s exactly how you should feel about your wedding photographer from the moment you book them to the moment you open your gallery. That you’ve made the right choice and wouldn't change a thing. 



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Other Projects

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